'Real superheroes live in the hearts of children and their parents or carers who are facing big battles'

PACT for Autism

A Bespoke Family Support Service

Because Family Matters



From the everyday challenges to complex problems. I offer you a bespoke service according to your needs as every family is different.

I have specialist expertise in early childhood trauma and loss. I am passionate about supporting children and their parents/carers together with those experiences. 

Children who have experienced adverse life experiences can present with challenges and it can be hard to know what to do to help. What we can sometimes see as a failure to behave properly, is actually a failure to communicate properly. Developing an understanding of whats behind the behaviour is key to seeing change. 

Parenting can be even harder when your own difficult experiences are triggered and it is important to have someone alongside you that 'gets it'.  If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete. 

Who I Am


I'm Kelly Johnson and I am a parent/carer-child relationship consultant. Every family should have a champion; someone who propels them to be the best they can be. 

I have fifteen years experience of attachment-focussed therapeutic family support. I am passionate about helping families get back on track when times are tough. I am passionate about the therapeutic benefits of play. 

For the past ten years I have supported children with early childhood trauma and their parent's/ caregiver's  the children to be better understood and therefore make their relationships stronger. 

When children experience relational trauma, it must be repaired relationally also. 

This work has made me even more passionate in supporting all families who struggle and really getting alongside parents in the early days to be the best they can be. That's why I am passionate about early intervention support - working with parents and their infants who may have experienced a traumatic birth or may be finding things hard in the early weeks/months of parenthood. Equally perhaps things are going along ok until your child reaches primary school or adolescence and you suddenly need some help. 


I have a British Psychological Society recognised BSc (HONS) psychology degree and a Masters degree in Social Work from the renowned University of East Anglia. 

I am a Foundational  Theraplay® Practitioner training toward therapist status. I am also trained in Lego-based Therapy. 

My Theraplay® training includes:

*Level One Theraplay & MIM

*Level Two Theraplay & MIM

*Group Theraplay 

*MIM Skills Training

*Dyadic-Emotional Interaction Style (D-EIS) for scoring the MIM -Part One

I have a background in Counselling therefore offer a non judgemental compassionate approach.

I am also a trained & highly experienced Nursery Nurse and Nanny. 


The Theraplay Institute

Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC) 

Registration No: SW09915

British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

What I Offer



One-off/Regular to discuss what matters to you and what might help

Independent Attachment Formulation Assessment

Attachment is an emotional bond between a parent/carer and their child. Attachment styles are different ways of interacting and behaving in that relationship. Children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) often present with challenging behaviours that can feel very difficult to understand. By better understanding the way children experience relationships adults can better support them by 'co-regulation' techniques and building their felt sense of security. 

Often these assessments can be helpful for parents and schools/ nurseries and alongside Paediatrician/CAMHS assessments where there might be complex diagnosis because we can ring together our expertise and think together.

Therapeutic Parenting 

Support for you when you need it most. Someone to offload to and help make sense of things. I use an attachment-focussed, 'PACE' based framework and am trauma-informed in my approach.

Theraplay® Assessment (MIM) 

Theraplay is a child and family play therapy that helps build relationships through shared joy and connection. 

The assessment is detailed and robust and can be used as a stand alone intervention by helping you better understand your child and their relationship with you. 

You will find more information on the Theraplay® Institute's website (TTI). 

It can be useful to share with professionals to help better understand and support your child. 

Theraplay® sessions 

Should the Theraplay® assessment identify that dyadic play sessions would be helpful, I am able to plan and review sessions for you.

There is a lovely video here from TTI that shows you what those sessions look like: 

Theraplay® sessions are held at The Chicken Shed in Fordham, near Newmarket if you are local.  This is a rural farm environment with a trampoline and animals. The setting itself having clear therapeutic benefits for children attending. 

See the link below to learn more about The Chicken Shed and the wonderful work they do supporting the community:

If you are further afield, I am always happy to travel (costs associated) and we can discuss suitable room hire near you. 

Lego-Based Therapy 

When your family's communication is struggling and you've become stuck in a negative cycle, Lego (if you love Lego) is a wonderful tool for breaking down barriers, improving your connection, and having a fun time together.

The best therapy doesn't feel like therapy. 

Professional Consultation

If I have undertaken an assessment, I am happy to discuss my findings with other professionals with your consent.


I can see families within a 40 mile radius of my base in Newmarket, Suffolk. 

These interventions are Adoption Support Fund and Pupil Premium compatible.