We all need a Safe Haven and a Secure Base

Children & Young People

Sometimes things can feel overwhelming and children can seldom verbalise their feelings. Often their struggles are visible in their behaviours whether that be internalising their feelings or externalising them. They so often wish they could act a different way but don't know how. This can feel overwhelming and exacerbate the cycle, thus compounding the problem. Some of the difficulties you might see include:

Low Self Esteem

Shut down emotionally - hard to reach

Cries easily




Challenging Behaviour


Need for control

Sibling rivalry

Of course infants and pre-verbal children can only speak through their behaviour. 

Neurodevelopmental difficulties and/or learning difficulties can make it harder to figure out how to best to help and so support from specialist clinicians will compliment what I do. Similarly should your child present with a significant mental health need; I often work closely with child and family mental health therapists. 

I can help you figure out where your child's difficulties may be coming from and how to help. play therapy parenting support family therapy Newmarket

Therapeutic parenting support. Child and family therapy.

There is a really good saying 'If you do not make time for your wellbeing you will be forced to make time for your illness'. 

Parenting is hard work, no-one tells you this, at least not  exactly the level and intensity of it all. Or maybe its hard to hear that pre children? You don't know until you know. When they arrive you experience unbridled joy and utter exhaustion in equal measure. It is, without question, the hardest job on earth. We need excellent support systems and plenty of self-care, without which there is a risk you can start feeling run down or even burned out. 

Symptoms may include: 

Irritability and losing your temper

Low mood

Tiredness and trouble sleeping

Headaches and muscle tension

Feeling overwhelmed and negative 

Unable to play

Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled

Feeling disconnected 

Crying alot

Feeling shut down

A sense of apathy. 

Don't feel guilty or ashamed if you are struggling to connect with your child. It's important to seek support that will help you become strong again. Please always seek GP/Clinical support if you are feeling low. 

I can be your person, your go-to, your 'safe-base' when you're finding things hard to enable you to build your resiliance, your confidence and your resolve that you will get there. Your journey will become lighter and easier. play therapy parenting support family therapy Newmarket

Your family - Wellbeing through Relationships

You are the expert on your family. My job is to build up what is already working well and to support you with what's not. 

Sometimes we get stuck in certain patterns of doing things because they helped us in the past. Perhaps its the way we have always done them. We often parent in the way we ourselves were parented. Sometimes the impact of a traumatic experience makes you feel stuck or the stress of everyday life gets in the way of family life. 

Many services focus on helping one member of the family. This is where I am different. 

Together you are stronger. We all need to feel we belong and that someone cares. We all need to feel connected to someone. The impact of our own stories impact our relationships and how we feel about ourselves. 

Acknowledging the stories we hold about ourselves and others helps us to understand what we are creating in our relationships and gives us the power to create positive change. I can support you and your family members to feel better about yourselves and improve your relationships with others.